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   Policies &    Procedures  

Policies & Procedures


  • Enrollment is open year-round welcoming students of all ages and at all levels 

    • Beginning level students of all ages are welcome!

  • To register for lessons, email or call Academy owner       513-779-7070 

or submit the Academy Registration Form above to be contacted 

  • Enrollment is non-contractual

  • 30 days notice required to withdraw

    • Tuition Fees are due and payable during the withdrawal period



~    ~    ~    ~


Academy Memberships  

  • Memberships schedule lessons and activities per term

  • Memberships remain active until a 30-day withdrawal notice is given ​

  • Active Membership preserves lesson scheduling 

  • All Academy Memberships auto-renew for the next term



About Lesson Scheduling

  • Private lessons are scheduled weekly​​ around holiday breaks for Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring and Summer (see ISAM Calendar ) 

    • Should you miss lessons, your active Membership ensures you can resume



About Lesson Scheduling Flexibility 

  • Your lessons can be PRE-scheduled or RE-scheduled within your Membership term

    • PLEASE REMEMBER: Your time in your teacher’s schedule is reserved for your exclusive use. Please provide your teacher plenty of notice if a change is needed



Private Lesson Program  (basic private lesson program)  

  • Weekly Private lesson instruction August to August, prorated 

  • One annual parent consultation / planning session 

  • All Academy recitals

  • Private portal and web services 


LessonsPLUS Program   (comprehensive lesson / performance activities program)

  • Weekly Private lesson instruction  

  • One annual parent consultation / planning session 

  • All Academy recitals  

  • Private portal and web services 

  • 7 PLUS Classes annually

    • Small group lessons 3-6 students, PLUS Classes develop performance, listening and musicianship skills

Adult Program   

  • Private lesson instruction scheduled weekly or alternate week available 

  • Membership Fees invoiced per semester plus $18 Registration Fee 

Theory Program  

  • Private coaching may be scheduled on a weekly or alternate week basis each semester, as available

  • Membership Fees invoiced per semester plus $5 Registration Fee  



  • Active Membership preserves lesson scheduling

If a family is vacationing for 4-6 weeks, or if a student wishes to take a break without losing his place in his teacher's schedule, lessons may be moved to alternate dates and Memberships will remain active during their absence. The auto-pay schedule will not increase or decrease, regardless of where the lessons are scheduled during the duration of their lesson package.  



Private Lesson & LessonsPLUS Programs:   

  • Lessons and activities are planned August to August each year

    • Membership fees billed in equal installments of the total cost 

    • $18 Registration Fee​

  • Programs auto-renew each August for the new Academic year 

  • Expired lessons do not carry forward 

Adult Program:   

  • Lessons scheduled per semester 

    • Membership fees billed in two equal installments 1st and 3rd months

      • monthly payment option on request ​

    • $18 Registration Fee​

  • Programs auto-renew each semester for the new term

  • Expired lessons do not carry forward to the next term

Theory Program:   

  • Lessons scheduled per semester 

    • Membership fees billed in two equal installments 1st and 3rd months

      • monthly payment option on request ​

  • $5 Registration Fee​

  • Programs auto-renew each semester for the new term

  • Expired lessons do not carry forward to the next term

Additional Detail

  • Throughout the year, each month’s activity is different. Most months schedule 4 lessons, but some schedule 5 lessons, some 2 lessons and a class or recital. Membership billing remains the same each month regardless of the amount of activity scheduled. Monthly installments are based on the total cost of the program, not the activity completed each month. 


  • Lessons may be moved anywhere within the enrollment period without affecting scheduled payment amounts. 

    • Should a student require additional lessons one month to prepare for an event, they can reschedule lessons in their package without affecting their billing

~    ~    ~    ~


  • Default: monthly billing to a credit card or debit card on file

  • CheckPAK  (see description below)

  • Other options available by request 



  • “Third Child Discount” :   5% reduction in Tuition Fees  / no Registration fees   

    • Provided to all third (or more) private lesson enrollments per family

    • Not applicable for Theory Coaching


The following pre-payment discounts available for the Private Lesson and LessonsPLUS Programs:

  • $35  :  Single payment in full of any Annual Program Invoice by personal check  

  • $2 monthly  :  CheckPAK  (see description below)

DESCRIPTION :   “CheckPAK”   -  non-electronic Auto-pay     

  • Post-dated checks in equal amounts paying the full Membership amount due  


Procedure : Monthly payments

1. write 12 checks dated Aug10, Sept10, Oct10, ….. June10, July10  and DEDUCT $2 from each check

2. place your checks in an envelope with the student’s name on the front of the envelope

3. place your envelope in the waiting room drop box or mail it to the office 


CheckPAK  -   Additional Detail:

  • Should a student withdraw from the Academy before completing their enrollment, unused checks will be destroyed and returned via PDF  (30 days notice required to withdraw) 

  • Should check amounts need to change due to change of instructor or Membership, checks can be replaced during the year with the same discount

  • Bank charge - $25 for returned checks


~    ~    ~    ~


  • Time reserved for each student's private lesson is an appointment reserved for their exclusive use.  RE-SCHEDULING OF LESSON APPOINTMENTS IS NOT GUARANTEED                                                                                                                        

  • 48 hours notice is required to “Early Cancel” a lesson appointment and request a reschedule

  • Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are marked a “Late Cancel” and one lesson is deducted from the lesson package 

    • "Late Cancelled” lessons may be rescheduled as a “teacher courtesy”, instructor schedule permitting

  • Should instructors NOT be available for an “Early Cancel” lesson appointment, the Academy will make every effort to find an appropriate substitute instructor

  • Complete Lesson Schedules and Attendance History are archived on each student’s personal Academy portal (login provided with enrollment)    

~    ~    ~    ~


            Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program

This highly esteemed international program offers study curricula and Merit Certificates for all instruments and Voice, in both Performance and Theory subjects. Syllabi 

  • Students may earn these prestigious Certificates of Merit at all levels in both Performance and Music Theory

    • Certificates are awarded by successful completion of examination by members of the Royal College of Examiners

    • Examinations are available in Cincinnati three times annually : December - May - August 

  • Completion of theory co-requisites (level 5 and higher) is required for candidates to be considered for the RCM Regional or National Gold Medals of Excellence award

  • The Ohio Music Teachers Association awards the Gold Medal of Achievement to all Performance Candidates earning the score of 90 and higher on their Practical Exams 

  • The annual Indian Springs Academy GALA awards Certificates, Medals and cash prizes to high achievers in the program

Benefits :

  • Clear learning pathway from beginning to advanced levels 

    • Students may enter at any level and move at their individual pace 

  • Builds foundational knowledge and skills 

    • ​​Nurtures excellent playing skills and music literacy

  • Advancement built in through a leveled curriculum 

  • Allows parents to understand and track their child's progress 

  • Permits adults students to plan their program and understand their accomplishments  

In addition - 

  • RCM Digital learning activities build skills and knowledge in contemporary learning formats 

  • Recognizes and celebrates results and achievements 

  • Includes all styles of music!


  • No membership fees

  • Certificate Exams may be scheduled when students feel prepared. Per level Exam fees here 

  • RCM Books / Music and supporting materials are available through the RCM Bookstore 

    • ​RCM materials are not required to participate in the program  

  • Live, in person Certificate Exams are available in Cincinnati three times annually  DEC - MAY - AUG  ​

  • Remote Exams are available throughout the year

    • Candidates may change their exam day/time up to 2 weeks prior to their exam 

Learn about this stellar program for students of all ages, including Adults!!

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